Defend Civil Rights

Project 2025 and MAGA are radical white supremacist political movements that are determined to reverse civil rights and return America to a Jim Crow era where African Americans were relegated to the back of society. We are determined to stop them!


Understanding The Urgent Political Climate We're Facing

Though it may echo familiar sentiments, the upcoming 2024 election holds immense significance for African Americans, potentially surpassing any in recent memory. Not since the landmark civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s have African Americans encountered such a resolute and formidable adversary. This adversary, embodied by the MAGA movement, possesses ample resources and a distinct agenda. Moreover, it has become radicalized to the extent of orchestrating an insurrection. The imperative now lies in vanquishing this anti-democratic force at the ballot box, lest African Americans, and indeed all Americans, find themselves living within a Russian style, autocratic, fascist regime.

Not Voting Is Not Cool

Learn more about our dedication and tireless work towards creating a more equitable and just criminal justice system.

What Is Project 2025

MAGA has developed a sophisticated, well funded plan to takeover the federal government and destroy our democracy. To learn more, click the image above.

Primary Issues

The foremost concern for African Americans is the legal threat posed by MAGA to landmark civil rights legislation.

Defending Civil Rights Legislation

MAGA has major landmark civil rights legislation from the 1960s in its crosshairs. We must defend it.

Reducing Poverty In Black Families

Despite record-low unemployment, black poverty rates remain stubbornly high. We must reverse this trend.

Promoting Black Academic Excellence

Black students in US public schools face serious hurdles requiring immediate and significant reform.

Reforming The Criminal Justice System

Police kill and courts incarcerate African Americans. disproportionately. Reform at all levels are needed.

Our Inspiration

Justice Thurgood Marshall's legacy inspires us to seek full justice and equality for African Americans through the courts.

2024 Objectives

Building a dynamic movement to combat systemic racism.

Objective 1: Increase YouTube subscribers to 150K by year-end.

Our community of loyal and passionate YouTube subscribers is the backbone of our success, serving as an unwavering connection to the people.

Objective 2: Expand financial partnerships and supporters list.

Our vision to improve Black America requires the generous support and contributions of like-minded people.

Objective 3: Establish chapters and satellite offices in major cities accross the nation.

We desire to establish offices in various cities around our nation. We have selected those cities and will announce them soon.

Objective 4: Acquire larger facilities to conduct all LLJP activites.

The LLJP has big plans in the fight for social justice over the next few years. To carry out those plans, LLJP needs larger facilities and a dedicated team.

Get involved

Join our movement to create a powerful force, united in defending the civil rights of Black America!

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