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Voters Must Stop This Movement

Have you ever heard of Project 2025? I would guess most people reading this have not heard of it. So, what is Project 2025? Why are people talking about this potential phenomenon that purportedly threatens the Republic?

Project 2025 is something you need to be aware of, and I will briefly summarize what it is and why you need to stay abreast of it.

Project 2025 is a GOP/MAGA political initiative the Heritage Foundation (Heritage) spearheads. Heritage is a conservative, research and educational “think tank.” Its mission is to spread conservative ideologies and policies. Heritage has been around since the 1970s, helping initiate the conservative movement in the 1980s.

If the country re-elects former President Trump or elects any other GOP presidential candidate, Project 2025 intends to be ready on day one to govern from an extremely far-right position. Its leaders built their goals upon four central pillars:

  • Enacting and promulgating deeply conservative laws and policies;
  • Filling the federal and state governments with far-right extremely conservative personnel;
  • Providing its army of far-right conservatives with substantial training to implement its agenda and
  • Releasing a 180-day playbook to regular (Joe) conservatives across America.

This un-American agenda is a far-right/MAGA movement to build a vast army of like-minded extreme right-winged conservatives to serve in the Trump administration. Its expressed purpose is to eliminate the federal government as we know it. Ultimately, they fear and intend to halt the so-called progressive movement. To assist, they are recruiting people, corporations, and organizations to join their efforts.

The Heritage Foundation has written almost a 1,000-page handbook detailing its agenda. Below, I summarize a few of their recommendations or desired goals of Project 2025:

To fire at least 50,000 federal employees by:

  • Eliminating the Department of Justice
  • Eliminating the FBI
  • Eliminating the Department of Education
  • Eliminating the Department of Homeland Security
  • Eliminating the Department of Commerce
  • Eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency

To expand the executive branch by placing the entire US government under the President’s sole control. And reform the tax brackets, immigration policies, LGBTQ policies, etc.

There are several other items Project 2025 has on its agenda, so I suggest you research and stay abreast of what is happening. If you research Project 2025, you will see how dangerous it would be for our nation, especially African Americans. Put succinctly, their agenda would transform our Democratic Republic into a fascist autocracy where Trump would be President for life. It would resemble Russia, where President Trump, under the inspiration and leadership of Vladimir Putin, would crush minority rights, political dissent, and a free press.

Not only are progressives and liberals concerned with this initiative, but many former high-ranking GOP governmental officials are seriously troubled about Project 2025. They, too, believe it is a path to dismissing the rule of law in our country and setting up former President Trump to be a dictator. Only white supremacists and black conservative sycophant cultists in Trump MAGA cult believe transforming our country into a white ethno-state autocracy is good for America.

One of LLJP’s agenda items is defending civil rights from this MAGA movement. Project 2025, therefore, profoundly concerns us. Obviously, Project 2025’s stated goals of dismantling the DOJ and DOE and establishing an autocracy place civil rights in Project 2025’s crosshairs. We must fight this white supremacist government takeover.

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Augustus Corbett, Esq.

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