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The Lazarus Law and Justice Project is a nonprofit law firm that uses litigation, lobbying, and advocacy to free the innocent, reform the criminal justice system and eradicate the corrupt policing of black men.


Lazarus Law and Justice Project’s vision is to bring revolutionary change to American society by reforming its network of government agencies and institutions, which collectively makes up the U.S. justice system by fighting to ensure that no person is ever wrongfully convicted.

The Justice system comprises law enforcement, the court system (including prosecutors and defense lawyers), prisons and jails.  Advocates for strong laws for punishments of crimes argue that the Founders created the criminal justice system to punish those who break the law and protect the innocent.  That is not true.  Innumerable research, statistics, and experience have proven that the Founders created the institutions that form the “justice system” to oppress, control, and dehumanize black and brown people.

The system is not broken. It works just the way racist, white, wealthy men designed it to oppress black men.  It must now be broken down to change the status quo.

The LLJP is a part of the revolution to break the vicious cycle implemented by America’s justice system. We fight to free the wrongfully convicted and stand up for the oppressed and to reform the criminal justice system.


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